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Good company product literature is the core of the marketing armoury. Yet much is mediocre and badly designed. Whether it's a letterheading or a glossy product brochure, it is vital the right impression is created, and that communication is effective.

A strong creative approach is essential - interesting design seduces the eye into reading and maintains interest. However, not all graphic designers are equal. Some are good at interpreting others' ideas, but not at dreaming up visuals from scratch. Often good visualises cannot draw well. Printers' studios tend to be regarded as 'competent' rather than creative. It pays to look at printed examples of work, and ask whose was the original creative idea?

The digital revolution has made a tremendous difference to artwork production but it can still be a minefield of waiting disasters.

We have been producing artwork on computers since it became a viable proposition in 1988 and are constantly updating our knowledge base.

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